Re: Parts List Scans

Bill Collins <> <bill_collins14@...>

Hi Frank.Most of the documentation I have is for older SB's.This is
stuff I found here on the web and printed out.My SB was made in
1965.It was sold to a school in Detroit when new.Anyway $10 bucks for
a manual that would cover this model would be just the ticket.I have
a couple of cannons to finish and I think I already have buyers for
them.So as soon as I get them sold,I'll take and try to get a more up
to date manual.I hear it has a lot of good information.Everything I
know about running a lathe is from what I have read and taught myself.
Ther is still a lot of stuff I don't know yet.But I am a quick
learner.I haven't attempted to try threading yet.Just reluctant I
guess.Thanks for the info,much appreciated.Thanks and God Bless.
Bill C.

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