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Anthony Rhodes

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<< Looks right. My 1A collets look like the 3C but are the same length as
your 3AT and the closing angle does not as far off from the 3C. My 1As to
tell the difference you need to check the length. I would go down with a mic
or caliper a sample and the closer nose piece all to make sure you get the
ones you want. These three are so close in size to each other and yet
incompatible with each other I find it hard to understand why they did it. >>

They are proprietary. 3AT is Atlas, 3C is Cataract, a Hardinge brand, and I
don't know the source on 1A.

Once upon a time machine tool manufacturers made every piece of there
machines themselves, virtually nothing was bought in from outside except raw
materials. If you were going to offer a collet system for your lathe you
designed and manufactured your own.

Eventually manufacturers started buying in certain components. Now chucks,
bearings, tool posts, gears and pulleys, and collet systems are often
supplied by specialist manufacturers. Most of the collets we're now familiar
with were designed to fit the specific lathe. It wouldn't have made sense to
a manufacturer to copy somebody else's design and to do so would almost
certainly have been a violation of patent.

Now you are free to adapt whatever collet system you prefer to your lathe.
But I will admit that the prolifc range of existing types of collets, often
with only the most minor differences, can be confusing and frustrating.

Berkeley, Calif.

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