Re: Smallest Lathe with Taper Attaachment ?


Don't buy a Clisby. It is truly a toy. I bought one and after rebuilding it with bronze bearings instead of aluminum on the leadscrew, turning a 4 step pulley system, adding a sewing machine motor instead of the tiny 12 volt DC motor it comes with, refitting it with the old knobs from my Sherline after replacing the Sherline knobs with larger ones and making a gib system that worked, I gave it to a jeweller friend of mine to turn waxes for casting. He's happy with it now but nobody on this list would be unless as an improvement project like mine.

Glen Reeser

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You can look at the Clisby mini's, not sue about a taper attachment though,
but you can use a boring head in the tailstock to do tapers
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I don't know the smallest to ever have a taper attachment, but the
Sherline has the ability to swivel the lathe headstock to allow turning
short tapers. You could also look at customizing a Taig and making the
taper attachment.
jaxinbc wrote:
Does anyone know what the smallest lathe ever made with a taper
attachment ? We travel a lot in our RV so I thought on rainy days
sometimes it might be nice to have some little lathe,all boxed up on
board that I could set up and wile away the day. TV & radio get
boring as heck and getting too old to chase the cook !!
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