Re: Steady rest & follower rest for a working lathe?

phty95014 <> <patyoung@...>

--- In, "Mark J. Andy" <marka@t...>

Anyone know where I can get a steady rest and maybe a follower rest
for a
9" workshop for a reasonable price?

I don't care if they're factory SBL parts or not. Everything I see
on Ebay is kinda psycho amounts of money. A recent set on Ebay
went for $400, which is _way_ more than I want to spend...

Or is there some reason that these things seem to require an arm &
a leg?

I'm in the same boat and have been looking for alternatives. One
promising thought was that you can buy a cheap steady rest for one
of those 7x10 imported lathes from Harbor Freight for $25, make a
base for it to sit on at the correct height, maybe put some screw
adjustment on it to center it crosswise and away you go. The only
downside is that the capacity of the steady rest looks like it is
really small. But who knows...


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