27" South Bend TURN-NADO


First Post...

I've been helping a friend over the past month remove this lathe from a Military Surplus mobile machine shop. I've posted some photos in 27" TURN-NADO to share what this beast looked like in the trailer and how it looks now in the shop earning its keep.

Now this was not a refurbish to like new condition, it was a break-down what needed to clean and make operational.

I did a bunch of Electrolysis on parts that would fit in 5 gallon bucket.

The gears inside the headstock and gearbox appear new with no sign of wear.

Made the fist cut on it this morning. Sweet, quiet, heavy, rigid machine. I don't think there was any time on this lathe.

It does look out of place in the shop with the other museum machines. I think one is a 1949 South Bend 16" or 18" with a 6 or 8 foot bed and 5 additional lathes of various sizes all around that same era.


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