Re: motor problem

Chuck Lippmeier

Just a guess, mind you, but I wonder if that motor will run on 115V? I'm thinking someone tried to modify it to do so. If so, it might explain why the "earth leakage trip" blows and why there only seems to be one pair of brushes wired, the other two just shorted together. I would think that a 220V motor would need at least 2 pair of brushes, one for each phase to ground. By the way, "what is an earth leakage trip" GFI?
Chuck Lippmeier

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Hi, I am new to the group having just aquired a southbend model b9w.
Does anyone know what the w stands for, is it possibly denoting supplied as part of the war effort? The motor fitted is a 1/2hp 1425rpm 230v comutator motor fitted with 4 brushes. 2 of the brushes are wired in series with the field coils but the other 2 are only linked together by a single wire roughly soldered to the brush housings. The motor seems sound inside and a multimeter is not picking up any problems but the earth leakage trip blows when motor is plugged in.Removing the 2 upper brushes just leaves the motor humming and not turning but at least the trip does not blow. When I picked up the lathe the earth wire had been disconnected so obviously a problem somewhere, any ideas please?

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