South Bend Lathe draw tube length

I recently added a south bend 13" lathe to my way to many lathes.A 1926 south bend 22XB second op lathe,1929 80 series south bend with overhead drive and taper,1922 11" with Qcgb,1928 south bend Junior with the enclosed(mail box)drive,7" Flather,rivett 608,rivett 507 amongst others.The 13" was in great condition but i had a specific question.The 13" came with 3 draw tubes,1 was for the 13" but the other 2 are longer.1 has south bend on the handle end the other says royal on it.Does anyone know the length of the draw tubes from the larger south bends(14" and up)?trying to id the other 2 draw tubes and thought they probably went to larger south bends.both are 5c draw tubes.Thanks for any help....Matt

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