Re: Best cutting tool shape for wood?


I agree with Norm and Jim.

One of my many other hobbies is wheel throwing pottery. It is actually pretty closely related to lathe work. Replace the chuck with a flat aluminum disk mounted with the axis vertical, replace carbide or HSS tool bits with fingers and replace CRS with thick mud and you are there.

Two hand thrown pots will never be identical. If you want that look, you might as well go to Crate and Barrel. The best Japanese traditional potters will make a pot that is as near perfect and symmetrical as possible and then give it a little nudge to add character.

Glen Reeser


Actually the only use

I have now for duplicator turning is for chess sets since the pawns
are right next to each other. The other approach is like Norm Abrams
says rather than try to hide subtle differences 'celebrate' them.
Make them part of your 'made by hand' look. Obviously door knobs or
pulls are not precision parts so have fun with them.

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