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john kling

How did the arrangement work between Moody, Boxford and the rest of the clone makers and South bend?
Did they simply license the design?  Did they buy some or many parts from South Bend?
Today even big volume manufacturers (Ford , Toyota, GM etc) often jointly produced parts. For that matter how much of the South Bend Lathe consisted of parts from outside suppliers that would also be available to the clones?

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According to Tony's web site,
the Moody 11" is a clone of the SBL 9"
except for the height of the compound
and the height of the headstock.
Based on this, I bought a used one in Canada.

It is quite different than a 9".
It is an exceptionally heavy lathe, with very rough castings.
The bed is like a bridge and the headstock like a vault.
The spindle is much larger than the 9" and rolls
on MONSTER roller bearings, taper in the front,
straight in the rear.

The bull gear on mine has 6 broken teeth,
5 in a row, 1 isolated.

The dimensions of the bull gear are:
OD 4.865"
ID 1.494"
76 teeth, straight cut
tooth width 0.625"

Central hub:
OD 2.164"
thickness 0.932"
keyway 0.184"

Ted states this is not a 9" bull gear.

Can anyone tell me if this may be a 10", 13", 14" other SBL bull gear?

Any suggestion on how to repair 5 broken teeth in sequence?

I have done 2 in a row, but I am concerned that 5 may be too many for
the torque on the bull gear. Suggestions?

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