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Thomas G Brandl

        I can understand that, on cheater bars. I think I replaced those shafts around 96 to 98. I just didn't have any section of pipe around. Also, pneumatic 'air' guns work wonders. At least good ones.
        Early in my apprentiship for machining, I had worked as a machinist for two years elsewhere, there was a job with 1-1/2 or 1-3/4 pipe threads. I remember the CNC machines were all booked. I said I'd try it on one of the manual lathes. Another apprentice was there. He was 6'6" and 365 lbs. He said, get a 6ft cheater bar and if that don't work come get him. I could tell the supervisior was a bit aprehensive that I'd get the pipe threads done. There was a pipe tap for this. I can't remember if I just did a straight thread on them, or set up the taper attachment and got them close. Either way a BFC did the trick for the final fit or cleanup of threads. Really easy if you not cutting the taper and new threads all at once.

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hopped up and down on that bar. I >weighted about 170 lbs back then. It >wouldn't budge. I coworker lent be a 4 ft >breaker bar. The nut just popped off, so >easy. Tom

My daughter is a journeyman fitter. While she works our almost every day her tool kit contains a large selection of "cheater" bars (pipe extensions)

Jim B
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