Re: Moody 11 :: the Quebec Clone of the SBL 9C

john kling

I acquired a model c with very few change gears. The lathe was inexpensive buying change gears was not. A QC box could be had for less. What do you call a C, modified with a QC box ?

Is this Canadian clone as close as the early boxfords to SBs.

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Subject: [southbendlathe] Moody 11 :: the Quebec Clone of the SBL 9C



I have a Moody 11.
Pictures on Tony's UK site.
According to Tony's web site, it is the Canadian Clone of the SBL 9C.
The apron looks identical, but the head, tail and compound are different to accommodate the height.

I am looking for a 9A QCGB and a 9 counter shaft casting.
If you have a source for these, plz contact me off-list.

If I don't want the power cross feed, then I don't need the slotted lead screw or the 9A apron. If I use the half nuts for longitudinal feed as well as threading, like the 9C, then if I fit the QCGB to the end of the 9C LS, I should be able to pick threading gear ratios up from there and drive with the half nuts.

Say yah or nay.

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