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john kling

Some reversible chucks have an inside and out side set of jaws. Others use the same bottom part of the jaws but have a key way type slot in  them that allows the top part of the jaw to be reversed to change from an inside to outside jaws.
If course, I am only a tinker with the lathes. Having spent a career in the dismal science.

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Well, that would make some sort of sense, as the long part of the jaw would be toward the Inside or the Outside of the chuck (i.e., referring to the chuck and not to the workpiece).

I never saw a reversible jaw 3-jaw chuck.  Whan do the teeth on the back of the jaw look like?

Robert Downs - Houston

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I agree that, taken literally, they're misleading. However, I think that they originated with reversible-jaws chucks (i.e. chucks that can be flipped around and mounted the other way - generally swapping #2 and #3). When they are reversed, the inside will be out, therefore the name "outside jaws).

This is my hypothesis, no rigorous fact-checking behind it.

Damascus, MD

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  Does anyone have any idea why the two sets of jaws normally supplied with solid-jaw 3-jaw chucks are commonly called "Inside" and "Outside"?  Both sets are used for both functions, depending primarily on the OD or ID of the workpiece.  I don't know what else one might call them but those names would seem to be misleading.

Robert Downs - Houston

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