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john kling

The bronze bearing seems to me to be the most attractive approach. Is there one made for the workshop size lathe?

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I made the modification to my heavy 10 a couple of years ago.  As I recall,  I had to take off about 50 - 60 thou from the take up nut in order to sandwich in two washers and a bearing.    If I remembere correctly,  I got the bearings from McMaster-Carr.  The bearing assembly was about .170 thick.  The price was somewhere around 10 bucks.  I was concerned about machining the cast iron take up nut so I bought a NOS one from Ted. I needed it to machine the other one.   I saved the old washer (kind of beat up) and the new nut so I can "restore" the lathe to original in the event I want to.    The benefit is that I no longer have to adjust that take up nut to remove the end play out of the spindle.   There doesn't appear to be any way to get oil to that bearing so I give it a shot of spindle oil every time I oil the lathe.   There were detailed instructions along with part numbers posted somewhere.   I just don't remember where.

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Subject: [southbendlathe] Heavy 10 help needed
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I have a heavy 10 lathe whose spindle friction thrust washer is about used up. When I purchased the lathe 2 years ago, I also purchased a set of thrust bearings but never installed them when I serviced the lathe. I now remember why. The bearings for the light 10 inch lathe, often recommended in List threads, are a smidgen too small for the heavy 10. I checked with MSC and was unable to find useable set. I would appreciate any recommendations the members on the List might have to resolve this problem. Alternately, if there any NOS/replacement thrust washers for sale please let me know.

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