Re: how deep is the SB 9 inch bench top?


My former collegue from work needed something to keep busy after he
was laid off so he made me some new wooden benches for my lathes. He
laminated two layers of 3/4 inch plywood to form the tops. We were
able to get 2 benches out of 1 4 x 8 sheet. The benches are 2 feet
by 4 feet. The big pulley hangs over the back a little bit but all
the pieces bolt nicely to the tops.

One of my lathes had the tensioner rod extended to move the motor
unit back farther. I had to shorten it back to the standard
configuration and shorten the belt.

Glen Reeser

--- In, "Clint D" <driggars@e...>
If the lathe is a rear mount motor, then you will need aprox 3'
deep and a
little extra (Your option ) according to the bed length. I do not
think you
could do an under table motor mount being the way the headstock is
I guess you could add and extra set of a pulley drive train but
again that
would also take room for the extra pulley setup.
Hope this helps

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Subject: [southbendlathe] how deep is the SB 9 inch bench top?

I may be purchasing a 9 inch model B and I wondered how wide the
bench top needs to be to hold the lathe, motor, etc. Would
please post that info here? Can that lathe be easily converted to
run the motor from below if I built a custom bench?


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