Re: Broken lever on quickchange gearbox



The one gear you need that is not commonly part of a change gear
stack is the 20 tooth gear. This is the first gear in the train on
the reverse tumbler assembly for all but the coarsest thread settings
marked on the QC gearbox. These are scarce because many people
upgrade their C's or B's to A's. I was lucky in that I got the 20
tooth gear with the gearbox I bought for my conversion.

Lurch has done a nice thing for the whole list by finding a source
for the 20 tooth gear and buying the entire inventory. I am helping
Bert our Dutch list member collect the parts he needs to fix his
lathe and I have bought this gear from Lurch.

The output gear is not so hard to find, but you will probably not be
able to get it by itself. Most sellers will keep it together with
either the gearbox or the leadscrew. If you didn't get it with the
gearbox, you will probably have to buy a leadscrew with the gear on
it. This is what I had to do for Bert.

Your model B leadscrew will have to be cut down, rethreaded for the
nut, keyway cut for the gear and the collar moved. This sounds like
a lot, but it is really pretty straight forward if you have a lathe.

Good luck!


<cody@v...> wrote:
Hi Glen, my lathe allready has power feed. The lever broke just
under the
spring loaded part & is all there. I thought about brazing or
trying to Jb weld it.
I suppose I cann't mig it due to it being cast. I guess that I
would need two gears
One for the left side of the gear box & the one that would go one
the leadscrew
inside the box. By the way,I do have a full set of change gears to
try to get the
correct combination. Mike

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