Re: Broken lever on quickchange gearbox


Hi Mike,

Are the pieces of the lever all there? Perhaps you can braze the
bits back together.

The leadscrew you have would have to be cut down and rethreaded and a
keyway cut for the gear that you mention. If you are also adding
power cross feed, you need to cut a keyway down the entire length for
the key in the apron worm gear. Most of the time the gear is sold
either with the gearbox or with the leadscrew. I just bought a worn
out leadscrew from Pete Swelzen in Libertyville, Illinois to get the
gear for our Dutch friend Bert.

I recently bought a SB handwheel from an eBay seller Hutchwood. He
said he had been to an auction at the South Bend factory and bought
literally tons of stuff. He said he had two pallets of lead screws.
I haven't seen any of them on eBay yet, but you could email him and
ask. He might need some help in identifying exactly what he has
got. This may be the reason they aren't up on eBay, yet.


Glen Reeser

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<cody@v...> wrote:
Hi,can anyone one help ? I just bought a gearbox off of ebay for my
9" south bend lathe. The post office dropped it & it wasn't insured.
It is the double lever type & the left lever broke. The box has a
catalog number 544 R. (all the inside gears are good)
Also I need the gear that goes on the left side or can I use the
on the lath now (It is the standard gear change type) On the lead
screw, do I use mine & just modify it or do I need a different
leadscrew. Thanks for any help that you can give me. Mike

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