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Something I've learned is that you can right click on pictures in
eBay listings and select copy. Paste the photo into msWord or
anything that will manipulate pictures, and sometimes you can blow
them up with sufficient resolution to see what is hidden. The
picture of the gearbox blows up so you can read the model number-
CL370ZD and the standard inch size rows and columns on the selector

Glen Reeser

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I seem to recall that the odd shape to the gear cover on this South
Bend was
an option, but I don't recall what option it went with. I also note
a thing
sticking out of the cover.

Was it a metric South Bend? Please help so I can sleep nights... >>

The shape of the gear cover is unusual but I don't know why.
However, the
particular lathe is *not* a metric unit. The standard QC box has
the range
(or "row") selector lever on the left and the pitch (or "column")
lever on the right, on the metric QC box these positions are

Regarding the thing sticking out of the cover, if this is the
knurled knob or
screw at the forward corner on the left face of the cover I'm
certain it's
for latching the gear cover closed.

Berkeley, Calif.

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