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Hi Mitch,

The saddle back plate should only be snugged with a split lockwasher
under the bolts. Set the tension on the washers by checking the
saddle for free movement. Sometimes I use the back plate bolts to
lock down the saddle in addition to the front carriage lock for
parting off or when milling on the lathe. Kinda like belt and
suspenders, to be sure, to be sure.


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Hey Guys;
Really enjoy reading your posts. My Question is in the process of
replacing the cross feed screw on my 13 inch, I noted that the back
plate on the underside of the saddle was only finger tight,when I
it back together it locks up if I tighten the bolts? Did I miss
something here?
Also for those of you with taper attachments and worn cross feed
screws/nuts, Mcmaster-Carr has precision 4140 Acme thread stock in
Left hand 8 pitch (or others for smaller lathes),And matching 660
bronze round nut blanks for
a very good price.I spent 75.00
and about 4 hours mill and lathe time.verses 467.00 from leblond.
I now have almost no backlash,and in the future the new nut would
lend itself to splitting and inserting a screw for backlash
adjustment like bridgeport does on thier lead nuts for future wear

Mitch Caskey

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