Re: oil fill tube: Name please


Did you want the headstock  oil cups for the Heavy 10 ? I have some of those...$10 each


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Anything left for a Heavy 10? I will grab em!

Best for the holidays!
Nelson T.

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I have some original HS oilers for the 415 and 405 for sale...$5.00 each plus shipping
I doubt you could find them any where else ;-)


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A 1934/1935 model 415.

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Which spindle? Some are threaded, some are pressed. Some are threaded into a bushing which is then pressed :)


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Are these (on the spindle) threaded or does friction hold them in place.

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Subject: [southbendlathe] oil fill tube: Name please

What is the name for the little tubes the have a spring loaded cap that are used at the oiling points on many lathes? I want the ones with a spring loaded cap not the spring loaded ball inside. If it were a grease fitting it would be called a zerk but I don't know what these are called. I need to order some and I have no idea what to look under.

Also if you know somebody who carries them that would be useful.



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