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Hi Anthony,

I was trying to be tricky with my digital caliper. I measured the
diameter of one of the holes for the gear post, set that as "zero" on
the caliper and then measured the distance between the holes. It
would have worked if I'd measured outside edge to outside edge instead
of inside to inside. Oh, well. Add 2 x 0.310 to my 0.983 makes

The picture of Bert's apron shows that he is missing the clutch parts.
Do we know if he has them or are they missing?

I have an extra reverser I could send him. This would not solve the
spindle problem. The metric gear problem would go away by changing to
whatever gears he has access to between the stud and the gearbox.


Glen Reeser

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<< I know I promised you this info before, sorry, I got busy. Anyway
what I measured. >>

Thanks Glen. Got it, also the 2.72" measurement on your later

Two questions here:

I would expect the center to center distance between FG and RG to be
Am I wrong or did you just flub?

You gave the CG keyway as .125", is that width or depth? What is the

I've done a bit of thinking about Bert's lathe, it may not be able
to salvage
the original reverse tumbler design. However, there is a solution
which is
relatively straight forward but it requires cutting the turning off
original spindle gear and replacing it with one keyed to the
Attached is a GIF of the alternative reversing gear which escapes
the original center distances between gears and can use a
larger gear on the spindle. Trying to maintain the original 24 tooth
gear at 20 DP or 1.25 Metric Module was going to be extremely
difficult due
to the required keyway on a gear who's dedendum was barely greater
than the
spindle diameter.

Anyway, I'll have a few more questions to ask the group about
measurements of
the original reverse tumbler plate and how it's attached to the
headstock but
I'm getting a bit talked out at this point.


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