Re: Bert's 9A


Hi Anthony,

I know I promised you this info before, sorry, I got busy. Anyway
here's what I measured.

Glen Reeser

--- In southbendlathe@y..., anthrhodes@a... wrote:
I tried once before to get this info. This time I'm posting a photo
to help.
It's of a hercus but it'll do.

On the attached picture I've marked:
TC OD Face Bore Key
Spindle Gear = SG 24 1.295 NA NA NA
Reverse Gear = RG 32 1.694 .443 .625 No
Forward Gear = FG " " " " "
Center Gear = CG 24 1.290 .443 .562 .125

For each of SG, RG, FG, and CG, can somebody give:
Tooth Count
OD or DP
Face Width
Bore and any Keyways. (I now understand that SG is part of the
spindle and
won't have a seperate bore.)

I would also like to know the distances between centers of:
CG - FG 1.400
FG - RG .983
RG - CG 1.750
CG - SG OOPS! I'll havee to go back downstairs.

I'm trying to determine if anythi9ng can be done to refit this lathe
metric module gears.

Thanks for any assistances.
Berkeley, Ca

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