Re: Lathe has no manners, it's spitting up all over me...


To get oil/grease stains out of clothes...

Nowadays I put "simple green" on the stain and try to remove the oil that way - the simple green goes on "Neat" (ie not diluted) and seems to work well..
prior to discovering simple green - and for some stains still, I use good old fashioned dishwashing detergent... after all the ads show it "lifting the grease off the pan" - I know it works well on mineral ils/greases as well. - Again I put it on "neat" and work the stain with a daggy old toothbrush to get as much away as possible - then I trow it in the wash with the rest of the clothes - problem usually fixed.


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P.S. What do you use to get oil stains out of t-shirts. I know many
of you have been there with t-shirts that you like... :)

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