Re: Guick change box ??s


Hello Help,

I wouldn't worry about play in the gearing as long as the gear box is
smooth running and there is still plenty of tooth engagement. All
cutting is done under load so the "back lash" is taken up when the
tool hits the work. Just make sure that you start the tool a bit in
front of the work when threading. End play in the leadscrew itself
can be shimmed out or machined out by removing a bit from the shoulder
where the drive gear seats.

Glen Reeser

--- In southbendlathe@y..., "qbox09" <mg.bug@v...> wrote:
I have the box off of my 9" A and did some heavy cleaning. Got
enough metal out of it to build a tailstock. It was packed.

I'm wondering how much play should be in the drive train?? or
perhaps put differently, how much rotation should occur of input
shaft before motion is detected in the output shaft?

What is the impact of excessive play?

There is noticable wear on some of the gearing and some play in the
shaft end bearings.

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