Re: Metric Module Change Gears


Hi Anthony,

The "spindle gear" is actually one piece with the spindle. There is
not a removable/replaceable part. He needs a new spindle or else
grind off the remainder of the teeth, machine (grind?) a keyway and
put a new gear on it. Both of my SB 9's have very worn teeth on the
spindles. I think it's sort of a fact of life with these well used
machines. If someone has a good way of renewing the teeth on a
spindle it would be a good project to try. Maybe the brazing
rehobbing thing would work.

If someone else doesn't respond before the weekend, I'll try to get as
much of the info you asked for on Saturday. My wife was an exchange
student in the Netherlands and we both have many friends there. She
lived in Arnhem, the target of "Operation Market Garden" and the
subject of the movie "A Bridge Too Far. She also speaks (and reads
and writes) Dutch. I could ask her to translate if we need it.

Tot ziens!

Glen Reeser

--- In southbendlathe@y..., anthrhodes@a... wrote:
Regarding Bert's 9A missing all the gear train from the spindle to
the QC box
input, I don't have an SB 9" but I'm trying to help him sort it out.
somebody with a 9A measure the following:

Spindle Gear - tooth count, DP or OD, face width, bore and keyway.

Reverse Tumbler Assembly - for each of the 3 gears- tooth count, DP
or OD,
face width, bore and keyway. Also, center distances between: center
gear and
forward selector gear; forward selector gear and reverse selector
reverse selector gear and center gear.

I believe change gears are 18 DP. Please verify, also face width,
bore and
keyway, tooth counts (20, 40, 56, and 80?).

Drawings or sketches, with measurements, of the change gear bracket
and the components of the idler stud assembly.

It would also be interesting to have the same information for
models by Boxford, Hercus, I know there was a Swedish clone but I
remember the name, and any other SB 9A clones.

Lets see if we can get Bert the information he needs and possibly
even locate
the required parts. Boxford or any other European source, if direct
replacements, would be more likely to be available to him.


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