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john kling

The vee belt riding on a flat pulley almost always for younger people (or new to South Bend equipment) causes them to state "this can't be right". Yet South Bend made hundreds of thousands of lathes with this set up. It worked so well that decades past and they maintained the design.
One has to wonder why say Atlas did not use this design and South Bend did. Usually it does not take decades for one design to be proven superior.

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Hello Everyone,
I am new to the group and have a couple of questions that I hope ya'll can help with. I have just acquired a 1953 Southbend precision lathe. It is a A model with a 36" bed. It has the horizontal drive setup. My questions are:
Where do I find the flat drive belt for the countershaft (it seem to be rubberized leather)?
The counter shaft pulley that is driven by the motor is flat but the pulley on the motor is a vee. It came with a vee belt on it. Is this normal/standard or has someone been mix and matching on this machine?
thanks for your help,

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