Re: Right spindle bearing questions -- 1939 9C "side oiler"

john kling

Is a bronze sleeve an option for a damaged journal?  I have read that there is not enough extra iron on the headstock to introduce any bearings. The discussion might have been limited to roller bearings.

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It has a single arm banjo (i have now purchased a two arm banjo). The gears that came with it were dp18  3/8 gears. The compounds are 5/8 bore and the change gears are 9/16. The bed is not a wide one. The serial is 74455. I used the probably  imprecise formula to calculate age (a table of known dates to bracket and perhaps interpolate from would seem better).  So I have concluded it an early workshop.

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John & Jim B,

Talking about the top oiler.

Jim my 405 spindle bearings were changed by a  previous owner and bronze inserts were installed. The key way for the lubing felt is gone, just a hole from the drip oiler is left. Dennis has suggested I cut a grove along the top to distribute the oil. It is on my to-do list. I have stuffed some felt in the tube from the cap to act as a filter. But I do not plan to use it till the slot is added.

Ed S

If your 1935 9” lathe is a Workshop series it could be a Workshop Model 415, or a Workshop Model 405 but a  9” Junior was also made that year. All are top oilers. All are change gear lathes.

A picture would help.

For either of the Workshop lathes there is a felt strip running axially in the top of the Journals under the oilers. This should be replaced. You can order a strip of F1 felt, the correct thickness from MCMasters or use a Round Felt cord. Ed can chime in here as to the thickness. I don’t remember what my 405 had.

If it’s a 9” Junior, I don’t believe they have felts. I would add automatic drip oilers to them.

Jim B.

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