Re: Backgear ensioner?


Hi Lurch,

I just had mine apart the other day. I didn't think to measure it,
but the little "brake shoe" pin was a loose fit in the hole and about
3/8" long. It had a little chamfer around the end that runs on the
eccentric bushing. I think somebody had replaced the spring with a
piece of ballpoint pen spring.


Glen Reeser

--- In southbendlathe@y..., "lurchix" <lurch@t...> wrote:
On my 9-inch headstock, ca. 1937, there is a hole, covered up by the
backgear enaggement lever, that runs parallel to the back gear
1/4" diameter with a spring in it. I'm figuring there's a brass
plunger should go atop the spring to put tension on the backgear
engagement lever. My parts book of course shows something totally
different...can anyone supply me dimensions for the plunger?


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