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john kling

So that was the reason for the specific questions I sort of assumed that ones interest and desire to learn or provide information should be enough. I was a little ashamed of my hardware (a model c south bend 9 workshop from 1935 and an atlas 10).

From: Jim B.
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>My home account is listed on yahoo as the place I want to get group messages.


If you receive posts by email your email address is open to members. If we had (have) mole”he/she/it could surf our emails  for valid addresses to send “stuff”  to.


I never approve a request to join unless it seems like the requestor is a machining person. I have had a lot or requests like “I want to join” etc.

I just reject them and send a note saying the need to convince me they are not a spammer. I have never heard back.


Jim B.


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