Re: SB 10k Backgear Problem


Hi John,

I think most folks are using grease in the back gear spindle. I
removed the lubrication access screw and replaced it with a grease
zerk and pumped it full. Some lathes have "oil" stamped into the
back gear and some have "grease". This must reflect a change in
philosophy at SB over the years.

There has been a lot of discussion on list about what kind of grease
to use. I think the consensus is a Teflon based product. Search the
archives for "lubrication" and see what you find.

Glen Reeser

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Dear Group,

I recently purchased a SB 10k that was restored. When I run it in
backgear the spindle cone (item 46 in the SB CE3457 Parts Manual)
getting very hot (expanding) and trying to siezing to the bull gear
(item 50). When I shut the lathe down the spindle cone is very hot
and when you take the lathe out of backgear you can not rotate the
spindle cone independently of the bull gear with the pin still out,
until it cools. It's like there is a clearance issue between the
parts. This is also causing the rpm to change as the spindle cone
heats up. Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be and
recommend a solution. I have never pulled a spindle out of a
headstock, but do have some mechanical ability. Thanks in advance!

Running Hot,

John J. Malcolm

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