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It sounds like you have a Frankenlathe. If you want to convert it to
a "full" "A" model, it shouldn't be too difficult. The hardest part
is the gearbox/leadscrew which you already have. Your leadscrew does
have a keyway milled down the whole length doesen't it? If this is
the case, all you will need to do is obtain an apron from an "A"
model and install it. There are 2 or three screws holding the apron
to the saddle plus the carriage stop bolt and it's "brake shoe".
remove the right side leadsrew support (have a friend support the
lead screw while you are doing this) slide off the old apron and on
with the new.

You need to determine if your saddle has an opening in the bottom for
the new apron worm gear to engage the gear on the cross slide lead
screw. My model "C" Frankenlathe had a model "A" saddle, so this was
not a problem for me.

You will be very pleased with the power cross feed feature. The
clutch feature is also useful when turning to a shoulder. I am
always a bit tense when using the halfnuts for normal turning. There
is no "give" in the system unless the belt slips.

I see model "A" aprons on eBay from time to time in the $100 to $125
range. I relined a set of half nuts before I obtained an "A" apron.
The "new" apron half nuts were tighter than the ones I relined.
Since the half nuts are only used for threading, they see much less


Glen Reeser

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I have BOTH a double tumbler gearbox AND a stack of change make
the matter even more confusing. Any suggestions?

Mech. Eng. & Germanic Studies- UMCP

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