Re: Clutch in a 9A apron?



Does it have a double tumbler gearbox or a stack of change gears to
vary the feed rate.


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Okay, folks...

I wonder if the 9 that I have is a model A or not; for the
following reason:

I don't have either the star knob for the clutch or the other three-
lever shown on the Hercus' carriage. I am 99 percent certain I
have a model
A, though. All I have is the lever for engaging the half-
nuts...other than
that, there is nothing on the carriage. Is this a model A carriage
at all
or not?

The bill of sale dated from 1980 identifies this as a model A.

Thanks for your help,
Mech. Eng. & Germanic Studies- UMCP.

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