trimmer cord in "nut" to make a nylock



more "project" related but i recall seeing on someone's webpage the concept of using a piece of trimmer cord (Whipper Snipper - line trimmer, whatever else you call the garden implement which uses a plastic line rotating around a head to cut grass, weeds, etc) as a way to stop a bolt/nut combination from shaking loose.

I've a little project I'm in the middle of which requires a simple way to stop a bolt/nut from moving under handling conditions, but not under deliberate motions, and was thinking the line trimmer concept would be worth a look. The bolt/nut is a modified machinist's jack used for setting a sinebar.

If you know the webpage article I'm thinking of, can you please let me know - otherwise I'll try and figure it out for my design, and then write that up on my own page instead of a simple "nod" to the originator.


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