Re: new condition 10K on eBay 220577884997


The Turk:

Thanks for taking the time to give details of the bed scraping chronology at South Bend. I remembered your earlier comments about the rigidity problems with the 10K when I saw this lathe but the logic behind and the problems with scraping make sense.

It is interesting how our views are shaped because of our different tracks.

Unlike your life experience, my young machining life is shaped by eBay.

I have no affinity group that is in a trade, I have no access or opportunity to visit a real machine shop so my addiction started with eBay. Naturally, before your comments, I would use original paint and scraping patterns to judge pictures of lathes I see up for auction.

Out of dumb luck, my 10L has the ground flame hardened ways.

If I understand you correctly, the scraping of the saddle is for oil retention. Is it also used for increasing the accuracy?


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