Re: spindle play and oilers

Jerry Salisbury <jsalsbry@...>

Tom, I would also appreciate the set-up information. I'm currently
reassembling a 1928 16" SB. Needless to say, I can use all the help and
information I can get. Thanks!

Jerry Salisbury

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Thanks to Rose at LeBlond, I got a spec sheet on setting up the
spindle and bearings.

I would scan it and e-mail to anyone interested if the fax was a
little better.

On second thought I will retype it(4 pages) and e-mail it to any
interested party(s).

by the way the clearance for the bronze bearings is anything
under .0015", with a 75lb lifton the spindle.

The one's with cast iron bearings is under .001" with the same lift.

The adjustment is done using SB laminated shim. (Which I am still
trying to get more information on.

The oilers are cylinders with a spring pressing them against the
spindle. I would recommend geting the correct parts: as follows

South Bend Part # Capillary Oil Assembly {P/N) AS373KH2

Get this from LeBlond )888-532-5663)

I have more info regarding the proper setup

Please send me an e-mail if I may be of any assistance

Tom Delaney

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