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Scott and Brian,

I made a few of these 20T gears a couple of years ago from 360 brass. I have sold some to folks on this list. I may still have a couple left. I would take $20 apiece for them.


I still have quite a lot of the 1.25 brass rod and a full set of the involute cutters if you wanted to set up to make more gears.

Glen Reeser
Palatine, IL

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I will risk the wrath of our fearless leader, and beg his and your

Brian Sherwood indicated a need for a 20T Change Gear for his South Bend
Lathe. Apparently, South Bend wants something like $67 for this gear.

I spoke with Brian, and he likes my estimated price of $32.26. This is
the same price as for a Logan 20T Change Gear, which is a bit larger and

In order to make this feasible, I need orders for more than just Brian.

If anyone else is looking for this gear, please let me know. If there
are a couple more of you, we will make a run of the gears.

My understanding from Brian is that this is a 20T plain change gear
(flat on both sides), 1.222" OD, .375" wide, 18DP, 14-1/2 NPA, 9/16"
bore with a 1/8" keyway. If anyone has different specs, please let me

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