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James Early <j.w.early@...>

He wants at least $90 for it and will take more from those who do not check.
One thing is the taper adapter will only fit a limited number of machines as
a lot have said most of the heavy 10s have a different taper. I know my
12x36 Enco at work has a 5MT spindle so this will not work in it. On my 9" A
the drawbar I got for it came with an adapter for 3C collets but at the best
of times they are hard to come by. When I got my Burke mill it came with a
drawbar and adapter from B&S taper to 2A collets and a dozen collets and the
threads on the two sizes are the same, just a little difference in length
and slightly different closing taper. It took all of an hour apiece to make
a 3MT to 2A for the lathe and the same to make a B&S to 3C for the mill. You
have the lathe and a compound that can duplicate any taper ever made or
likely to be made. So now all you need is a piece of water pipe for the
drawbar, a 5C collet to size the closing taper from, a piece of aluminum for
the closing knob and some time to do it.
Long Beach, CA

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Maybe I'm dense, but I don't get this! This item recurs on ebay often.
It's new
and some of our members have purchased it. What I don't get is this; the
sellers starting price is $90.00. There is no buy now price. Yet, if you
on the link to his on line store he sells it outright for $90.00. I'm,
confused! What am I missing here?


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