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This comment is intended for those who are trying to get by for the least amount of money or to use what you got and is not intended to be a recommendation for the technically "best" way to do it. Now that the disclaimer is done:

If you want to go with a VFD but already have a 3-phase motor you want to use or do not want to oversize your VFD and/or motor to account for overheating at low speeds or overheating due to harmonics, then you can use an electronics muffin fan to assist with your motor cooling. Set it up at the bell end so that it blows in the same direction as the motor's fan. It should be big enough make a difference, get the 5" fan, not the little 2" or 3" ones. They can be had in everything from low voltage DC up to 120VAC. I use them for cooling my VFD enclosures, complete with air filters to keep the shop dust out.

Ed in Florida

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You might consider buying a new or used 1 HP motor that is rated by the motor manufacturer as an inverter duty motor. They typically have much better and higher temperature rated insulation that will stand up to the high carrier frequency used by the inverter to reduce noise or hum. Typically you would not want to operate below 30 Hz. or half speed for extended periods as the motors cooling fan is turning slower and will not cool as well. Then you need to decide if your motor and drive combination is going to be an older V/f type or a cutting edge sensorless vector control type. Most new drives can be configured as either V/f or vector control. A few Google searches on VFD motor drives will provide plenty of reading information and learning opportunities.


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You will Love it. Whitey
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In order to use a VFD for control, I'm contemplating replacing the reliance 115V motor that came with my 10L, contacter and push button switch box with a 220V 3 phase motor that is controlled by a VFD that converts my 220V 1 phase house current to 220V 3 phase output.

Would a motor such as this one work? It seems to be the correct HP (.75) and speed for my 1970's H10L.


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