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The shipping to my house would be over $260, according to the estimate on Ebay, which, of course, is ridiculous. Perhaps it would be less if I only asked him to sell me and ship me the motor.  My only hesitancy is that the name "worldwide electric" as opposed to Baldor is not recognizeable to me.

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You would be paying a premium for the 10L parts that come with it that you already have.

In addition the shipping to my house, not far from yours, is $ 235,

Look here:

https://www. surpluscenter. com/item. asp?UID=20091207 18405829&item=10-2384&catname=electric

$100 plus $41.55 shipping


https://www. surpluscenter. com/item. asp?UID=20091207 18405829&item=10-2385&catname=electric


$113 plus $43.15

Now I am not sure about the shaft size you need. They are both 5/8 but 7/8 motors are available.


Jim B.

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Subject: [southbendlathe] Want to change to 220V - 3 phase motor



In order to use a VFD for control, I'm contemplating replacing the reliance 115V motor that came with my 10L, contacter and push button switch box with a 220V 3 phase motor that is controlled by a VFD that converts my 220V 1 phase house current to 220V 3 phase output.






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