Re: $7,500, 25 year old


The Turk wrote:

There are many more better and more modern lathe that could have been gotten for this money. Not to mention far far better quality and ability. The price for this toy lathe is ridicules. Just goes to show you people with the kind of money this lathe sold for have not a clue as to what they are doing. ..........
I agree with you 100%. However, I come to that conclusion from the other side of the tracks. In 2003, I paid extra to a metal fabrication shop to let me pretend to help build a metal door and side lights for my kitchen to back yard using salvaged casement windows to match the rest of the house. That summer, I fell in love with a Starrett combination square. I bought one on line knowing I had no use for it and started farting around on eBay and found an old, few pages long pamphlet about history of Starrett, the man and the company.
During the last five years, I have built my dream work shop from scratch and thought myself to bore consistently within .0005 of a goal, seemingly for no better reason than justify buying that first 12" combination square.

I bore you with my tale because I still remember how intimidating the thought of comitting to something I loved but couldn't justify with two kids in middle school was at the time. I knew no one that had any connection with metal crafts as a professional or a hobbyist. My only source of knowledge was this user group, sites like Tony Griffin's and mail order bibles like GH Thomas' "The model engineers workshop manual".

You guys have to understand how intimidating the thought of a 1000 pound lathe is to a newbie like me. You just don't get what it feels like to show up with a harbor freight engine hoist and two kids at some guys garage 120 miles from home to pick up a 8520 when you had trouble getting the hoist into the truck in the first place. How about when the mill shifts around the first turn?

Every time I see something like this 10K auction, I know I wasn't crazy for flying 3000 miles and dragging a new condition 10L out of a basement outside of Atlantic city. My son who was 14 at the time now thinks it was the best vacation we had together.

I hope the guy who bought the 10K has to hide his finger nails like I do in corporate meetings. I hope he doesn't get intimidated and shows up here and asks for help like I did. Buying the wrong lathe for the wrong price might be a sin with the view from the road that men like Dennis have traveled but it beats getting laid away by a used Chevy dealer grossing five grand selling a corvette to a dude in the beginning of his mid life crisis. I still have my 6" Atlas in the crate the seller shipped it in to prove it.


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