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Hi, Dennis & all,
The size of the TS spindle is 1.06125" plus 0 minus .0005"
The tailstock was bored on a special machine built mostly with standard lathe parts. The headstck and saddle were special and a fixture was mounted on the saddle. This fixture had bushings in it to locate the boring bar realitive the the bottom of the tailstock. The bar was driven by the headstock and the fixture was feed with the carriage. This machine(and others) could last forever, even with the bed worn very bad, because the bore was located by the fixture.

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Hi Rob

The tail stock barrel is 1.0615 when new I believe. You mite get away with making a new one from centerless ground O-1 or W-1 tool steel that is 1.062. This may take up some of the clearance you may have in the casting. You will need a mill to cut the keyway or at least a milling attachment for the lathe. I make barrels for Dalton lathes as well as Logan though these are 1.250 in size I use the centerless ground stock for them also.

SBLatheman may shed some light on the exact size of the barrel on your tail stock.

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I have a SB 9 Inch model C. It has a worn tail-stock barrel/screw/nut and bore. I wanted to replace the screw, nut and barrel with new (substitute) ones. There was a guy called J. Ward that made parts for SB and Boxford machines, but I cant find any reference to his website or products anymore. I think he may have ceased trading.

Has anyone got any experience with re-conditioning the bores of the tail-stocks on these machines? Mine is showing some wear and "droop" when extended. Can this be tackled using only the lathe itself and a drilling machine, or does it need more sophisticated equipment?

So, does anyone know where I can source spares for a SB 9 inch in the UK? I would also like to get hold of a T-slotted cross slide if possible, but they are hard to find on eBay, nd I have tried G&M tools, without luck.

Any ideas for UK sourcing?



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