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I have a good 9" compound for sale, contact me at: lathemill@... if interested

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I've been down this road before. There are so many things that would be affected by changing the dovetail like the feed screw, the dovetail would be to wide & the 2 parts would not mate in the end anyway. I found the only solution when I had this problem was to purchase the right part & sell the other one on ebay but to list it correctly as a 10K compound. In my case & had a 9A in need of a compound, tailstock & lower saddle.

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I have 1941 Southbend 9A, and the compound was messed up in a couple of
ways, one, it was missing the second measuring ring on the outside by the
handle, (it had been replaced with a large nut), and second the bottom where
the degrees of reference were marked, looked like someone had taken a
grinder to it.

So I bought a replacement on Ebay, with the nicer large indicator dials by
the handle. The problem is, this new one has a MUCH thicker base, by about
a ¼", and it doesn't allow my new fancy quick change tooling to adjust low
enough to cut.

Dare I ask, is there anyone on the list, with a mill, or does anyone know of
anyone who could modify this? It would seem like taking ¼" off the bottom,
where the dovetail is, would solve the problem.

Or better yet, does anyone have a nice replacement for my 9A? I am watching



Lafayette, LA

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