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The 1307 was made in South Bend. I don't know when the frist ones were made, but the last ones were made in the mid-70's.
It is very much like the Monarch EE, in fact, it was designed by the same engineer.
Very precise, fast spindle speeds for its time, but very expensive.
The headstock was built in a "clean room".
At a time when a regular 13" lathe sold for $2-3000, the 1307 was $10,000.

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Hi Mel

I looked at that lathe and I think SBlatheman could fill us in on the details of that lathe. I may be wrong but I am betting it was built in Spain. SB did try and modernize a number of there larger lathes after 1960 but most turned out very ugly and really other than a new spindle and head stock casting and a variable speed spindle drive were just the same old lathe in different castings. The internal parts of the change box apron were the same parts. Even the tail stock used most of the same parts they just succeeded in making one of the most ugly lathes ever built.

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Turk, I agree with what you're saying about POST WWII SB.

As I said, they decided to keep to a line of lathes way too long, and never got into the higher grade products. There was recently a 13" SB precision lathe for sale in eBay. Did you see that? It didn't look like any SB I've ever seen.

But before WWII, SB was considered to be a fine product for light weight lathes. I've got a lot of books from the 19th century through the mid 20th, and SB is mentioned as being a fine lathe from the period in which they were doing well.

But, it was based on product from the late 1890's, and though they modernized them over the decades, until the first Turnado in the fifties, which as far as I know, SB designed and built, their line was essentially the same as that from the 1930's.

Time passed them by. Some successful companies don't see that happening until it's too late.


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> The statement Grizzly quality would bastardize the SB lathe is completely wrong. If anything if Grizzly built them to the same standard as the 14 and up lathes they now sell it would be a vast improvement of the original SB's. You have to have been in this business to understand what I am saying. SB never used the quality of materials or modern technology in the construction of there complete line of lathes all the way to the end of there history compared to what has been coming from Taiwan for the last twenty years. I was in this business in the later seventies and the eighties and I know for a fact that any lathe that came from Turret mfg. is so far superior to any US made SB its not even funny. Why do you think SB went to Turret to get there Turnado lathes built. SB was not capable of or had the facility to build this level off quality machine. In 98 SW industries was looking at purchasing SB lathe. When the plant was inspected it was found out of the 800 plus manufacturing machines in the plant less than fifty still functioned. There was no modern equipment in the plant. SB was still building parts on shapers and planers. Fact I seen a picture of eight SB 7 inch shapers setup to make one part. Just passed the part from machine to machine to do one op at a time. Ridicules.
> Most of you guys know me and have seen the web site for my company and know that I know a little bit about manufacturing. The oldest machine in my facility is a 26 years old Turret built TWS lathe that has over 20.000 hours on the run clock and is still a machine that will hold a tenth all day long. Oil has been changed and drive belts have been changed but thats it no other parts have ever been installed on this lathe. These lathes were the predecessor of the SB Turnado brand of lathes they sold in the 90's. Because of this history last year I purchased a brand new Lagun 14 40 that was built by Turret and is for the most part exactly like the Turnado EVS lathes SB sold as a Turnado. These are one very fine machine.
> So to make a statement that Grizzly would bastardize the SB lathe if they build one is completely wrong. Most of you guys have only ever seen our owned a couple of lathes and have owned your little SB for a short time. That experience really does not give you the inside as to what SB really built. They build reasonably good machines that were for the most part cheap machines. In the sixties you could purchase three SB lathes for the price of one good Lablond or Cincinnati. What SB was really good at was marketing and low low prices. If you have built the same thing for sixty or seventy years you get really good at it and you can sell them really cheap. Given all this it does not mean they are really good machines. Most of you know that I have built a lot of SB small lathes and restored a bunch of the really old ones so I speak from a good amount of experience
> Turk
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> The fact is the same owner of grizzly now owns SB. You are not ALLOWED
> to say anything even slightly bad or ask true questions on the southbend
> forum of PM about the new SB. IF anything is built even somewhat like
> grizzly's quality this is a sad bastardized version of a good lathe.
> However I hope not but the same decisions that were made in building
> grizzly generally will be made in something new( human nature).
> Sean
> PS This will probably start flames and i apologize if it does but it is
> the way i feel.
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