Re: C to B to A Conversion


Hi Gerald,

The model "A" apron I bought on eBay had excellent half nuts, so the ones I refurbished are not needed. I spent about 6 to 8 hours building the holding fixture described in the HSM article and learning how to braze cast iron. I found that furnace patching cement is useful in building a dam to keep the brass from running out of the area to be repaired. If you send me your old half nuts I will send you a "renewed" set for $25.00 S&H included. I tried them out on my lathe while still in the "B" configuration and the only play I could detect was due to the leadscrew shifting in its bracket.

There is a difference between model "C" halfnuts and those for B or A lathes. The interlock mechanism that prevents the clutch drive from being engaged when the half nuts are engaged and vise versa depends on an adjustment (filing or grinding) of a perjoggin on the side of the bottom half nut. These "C" half nuts would need to be fitted to your "A" or "B" lathe.


Glen Reeser

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Would you have an extra pair of half nuts? I could use a pair so I dont have
to repair mine.

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