Re: Stuck Jacobs Chuck: another method

Jon Spear <jdspear@...>

I had a similar problem with a chuck on an MT2 shank.  I turned the shank down to 1/2-inch, and cut threads on the shank.  Then I placed a cylindrical tube around the shank, and a plate with a 1/2-inch hole over the shank.  I cranked down on a nut, which pulled the shank out. 
This, of course, destroys the shank.

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Date: Friday, April 26, 2002 3:35 PM
Subject: [southbendlathe] Stuck Jacobs Chuck

I have a Jacobs 6A chuck on a MT to Jacobs adapter.  I cannot remove it by the usual means.  Since this has crossed everyone's plate at one time or another I am hoping that someone will have an idea.  OTHER THEN BEATING THE #%$$!!?? TO DEATH.
Fred Lusen

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