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Steve Wells

While we are measuring things....can someone tell me the size of cross feed screw
and nut on a 16 inch, is it 5/8-8 like a 13 inch? And how about the compound?


'Grif' wrote:

Found the information I was looking for. They measure out the same as a 2A.

So, what's a set like this worth as trading material? (1/2 thru 1/8) some staining, few marks, no rust or dents?

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Hi Grif
The early 9 inch and the 11 inch used the 3C collet. The early 13
inch with the 1 7/8 8 spindle used the 2A collet as did the early
heavy ten with the same spindle nose. I am not sure if SB ever
offered the 4C with the 1 7/8 8 spindle but Dalton used it as
there 8 1/2 inch lathe used the same spindle nose. I bet someone
with an older 13 inch could chime in here and give you better
information than I can on the larger lathes. I did just sell a
set of 2A collets for a early heavy ten and I still have a
complete set of new Metric collets in 2A also. These are SB
collets buy the way.

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Which of the South Bend lathes used the #2 (rs) collets? The
nose protector is over 2", the spindle adaptor seems to be
about a MT 4 or 5. (big).
The collets look a lot like a skinny 5c or a bit like an r8.

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"Just looks neat."
Boy howdy! Ya got that right Denny.

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Hi Jeff
The draw bar hangs on the hook that sticks out from
the right side of the bed clamp just like the ones you
see today. The box is rather small and you can put
the nose piece and the thread protector and some
wrenches or other small tools in the drawer. Really
from a usefulness stand point the little box is rather
worthless as its just way to small to hold much in the
way of tooling. Just looks neat.

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does the drawbar go in the drawer or is that just
for misc "stuff"?

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> Hi Sandy
> I had three or four pictures or images out of SB
catalogs. I
measured the bracket that holds it to the bed as I
had one of the old
originals. Then I used digital calipers to measure
the bracket in the
images and calculated the difference. That gave me
a scale factor so
I just used the digital calipers and measured the
boxes in the images
and multiplied but the scale and came up with what
we think is a very
close facsimile. I have used this before to locate
were badges went
on Mustang cars I restored. Maybe some day we will
come up with an
original and we can see how close we came.
> Turk
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> It is beautifull. How did you guys get the
> Sandy

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