Re: South Bend indexing centers unit cat #ce9635


Also for use on a shaper.

Ed in Florida

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The Indexing Attachment is almost certainly intended for use with
a milling
machine. The pins on the bottom are used to align the attachment
with the
T-slots of the mill's table.

At 5" swing it appears to be too large to fit on a lathe, and
there doesn't
appear to be a way to mount it to the cross slide.

Looks like a 72:1 worm drive. 5 degrees per revolution of the ball
handle, 50
divisions would give 1/10 degree increments.

Berkeley, Calif.
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Bob writes:

This indexing jig came with the new 10K I just picked up. One of
jigs is pictured on e-bay #180104500537. I found the exploded parts
list in southbendmanual files and a picture and general
description in
a SB 1956 catalog but there is no operating and installation
instructions that I can find. The unit came with a dog clamp that I
need dimensions to machine a copy and it came with 2 pins that fit
into the base. These pins are on my indexer but I don't know what
their function is. I would be glad to pay copy and postage costs
a zerox set of this information.

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