Re: South Bend indexing centers unit cat #ce9635


I hope to mount it in my milling vise on the cross slide and and
rotate model wheel hubs for drilling spoke holes and maybe use it to
mark feed dials. Who knows what other possibilities it might have. I
still need a copy of the original operating and set-up instructions
though. Thank you, Bob
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The Indexing Attachment is almost certainly intended for use with a
machine. The pins on the bottom are used to align the attachment
with the
T-slots of the mill's table.

At 5" swing it appears to be too large to fit on a lathe, and there
appear to be a way to mount it to the cross slide.

Looks like a 72:1 worm drive. 5 degrees per revolution of the ball
handle, 50
divisions would give 1/10 degree increments.

Berkeley, Calif.
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Bob writes:

This indexing jig came with the new 10K I just picked up. One of these
jigs is pictured on e-bay #180104500537. I found the exploded parts
list in southbendmanual files and a picture and general description in
a SB 1956 catalog but there is no operating and installation
instructions that I can find. The unit came with a dog clamp that I
need dimensions to machine a copy and it came with 2 pins that fit
into the base. These pins are on my indexer but I don't know what
their function is. I would be glad to pay copy and postage costs for
a zerox set of this information.

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