Re: Lath manufacture dates

Steve Wells

Group Members,
I finally got my website live, with more storage space,
I will be uploading catalogs, bulletins, part lists, you name it,
it will be there...and member lathe pictures to help ID lathes and parts.
And what ever else you want to see, just ask. I'm concerned about speed
over dial up so users report please, I can try to improve the speed.
Everyone on this group and the PM group gets a free pass while I build the
site. It will remain free to the groups, but I may add user name and password
to protect the site from "The Others" :).


CAL wrote:

Yeah I believe you beat me out on that one. Any chance of photo copies of the catalog?
I found the bed date number of my lathe , under the head stock. Will send to you when I figure how to read without stripping the whole thing.
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Cal, Denny
Here are some December 1935 shots of the new "improved" 1936 Workshop
These are from the Workshop Catalog 15-R page 14 and 15.
Denny, end door shots of threading plate...I think you have one of the lathes they 
did the art work from...haha  and....the elusive 415RF...the F being Floor Legs.
First time I've seen the F listed.
This is a pretty good catalog...hmmm, glad I won this one..:))

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