Re: Very early pre 1915 10 inch SB

Steve Wells

I don't think I have your serial number in my file, can you tell me the model
and if you know the year and ship date.


Mike Frismanis wrote:

Cool. That serial number is less than 150 off from mine (3530). That is the closest I've run across.


*/Dennis Turk <dennis.turk2@...>/* wrote:

Hi all

Well I never figured I would ever see another early 10 inch SB lathe
but one just showed up on eBay and its about a 1913 or 14 built
This lathe has the plain tool rest on it so it is a Sears Roebuck
machine sold under the Expert brand name.

This lathe has the tail stock steady rest and change gears that I
for my lathe.

Is there anyone in or close to were this lathe is and could pick
it up
for me if I win it? These have to be some of the rarest South Bend
lathes known of.

Take a look at this neat old girl.


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