Re: Lathe quiz

Steve Wells

Yep, it's "Obtain a level surface, not by a window"

Dennis Turk wrote:

Well I will post this again because it got lost in Yahoo's problems
other day.

The question is what does this mean?

Make flat not by window.

This is right out of a 1976 Simco lathe installation instructions.
I purchased this freight damaged machine in 1977 and this was my
first experience with a Taiwanese lathe.

At the time I had a very nice 10 inch Logan. I was just starting
Turk Mfg. and needed to built parts and tools for a machine I had
designed and was marketing. I was trying to turn A6 tool steel and
the Logan just would not do it. I rebuilt this Asian assembled kit
of a lathe and it made these parts without a problem for the next
five years. This was a 10 by 24 generic back geared belt drive
lathe. Much like what Jet Enco MSC shop fox and Grizzly sell today.
Only not near as good as what we see today. The thing was the Logan
just vibrated no mater what I did and this beater Taiwanese lathe
performed flawlessly


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